Course Information

We now have a confirmed date for the inaugural Broads swimming event along the Waveney River.

It will run on Sunday 1st July, 2018.  Entries are now closed.

This is the the course:

Course Map

The swim will be tide-assisted.  The distance is approximately 11.5 km, which is divided up into three legs:

LegDistance (approx)
Leg 14.9 km
Leg 23.3 km
Leg 33.3 km

The water quality has been tested twice; firstly in February, and most recently in June. On both occasions it was rated as "Excellent".

Prizes will be awarded to overall categories for both wetsuit and non-wetsuit top 3, plus spot prizes.

There is a public path next to the river, called "Angles Way"; friends and family are welcome to come and walk alongside their swimmer.  Also, the event coincides with Beccles Charter Weekend, so there will be other events and activities in the surrounding area, if you'd like to make a weekend of it!

When you finish, we'll have food trucks for anyone wanting to buy lunch, along with other stalls.

Water Temperature

Waveney River Centre19.0°~18°20.2°19.8°20.5
We're aiming to record water temperature readings over time, to help you understand what the race conditions will be like. The readings are taken at the Waveney River Centre, and in Beccles.

Event Summary

  • Swim is tow float compulsory to aid swimmer visibility
  • Event registration will open from approximately 6:30am at Beccles Quay where the course finishes
  • All entrants will be transported by coach to the swim start at the Waveney River Centre based on wave start time (included in the event price)
  • Relay swimmers will be transported to changeovers using dayboats from Hippersons boatyard.
  • Waves will start at approximately 8:30am with each wave having a different swim cap colour
  • Feed stops for individuals are optional, but yummy snacks will be available for those wanting to stop
  • Entry to the water at the start is via a slipway
  • Entry / exit to the water at all feed stops and the finish is via ladder, and as directed by event staff
  • Event entry includes a drawstring bag - these are the only bags that we will transport back to the finish for you
  • There are toilet and shower facilities available at Beccles Quay
  • There are toilets available at the Waveney River Centre

How much does it cost?

Individual entries cost £70 each. Team entries cost £90 per team. Entry includes:

  • Car parking
  • Coach transport to the start of the swim
  • Event safety cover
  • Event medical cover
  • Event insurance
  • All snacks / drinks at feed stops
  • Entry pack including drawstring bag
  • Finisher medal
  • Swim timing
  • Lots of other stuff (please ask if you want to know)!

Event hoodies are available to purchase when you sign up for the swim using the buttons above, and they will be available for collection on the day with entry packs.