Entry fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.


If we are unable to hold the event on the chosen date due to circumstances beyond our control, Broads Swimming UK will attempt to restage the event at the earliest possible date and no refunds will be given.  The event may also be cancelled in insufficient entries have been received up to one month before race date.

If we are unable to restage the event, then race entry only, minus a £10.00 administration fee will be refunded. Broads Swimming UK has no responsibility for additional costs incurred such as travel and accommodation. We hope that you would still be able to travel and enjoy the area in which the event was planned.


Broads Swimming UK has the right to alter the timetable and structure of the events up to and including the day of the events.  For example, timings may change on the day due to unexpected tidal conditions.



Competitors must have been at least 14 years old on 1st January on the year of the event.


Open water is a strenuous exercise. If you have been ill or have experienced a change in your wellbeing or physical state such as pregnancy, please consult a doctor.


  • All competitors are advised to train in open water before participating in the event and the event organisers cannot be held responsible for any lack of preparation on your part.
  • When open water swimming in a river you may encounter varying conditions such as waves and choppy water. You should be prepared for varying types of weather by regular outdoor swimming.
  • During the event all swimmers must follow and comply with the instructions given by safety staff.


We reserve the right to evict you from the event for the safety of yourself and/or the events integrity. This includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Taking someone else’s entry, so the event does not have the correct details for the participant.
  2. Causing offence to any staff member or event participant.
  3. Appearing to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  4. Not wearing a tow-float.
  5. Swimmers who fall behind a pace of 50 minutes per mile pace risk being pulled out of the event due to safety reasons.
  6. Only swimmers with accepted non-wetsuit entries may swim without these unless the water temperature exceeds 23 degrees.
  7. Swimmers who have an accepted non-wetsuit entry may change to wearing a wetsuit on the day at their own choice. Event organisers are to be notified on the day at registration at latest.
  8. Do not drink the river water.
  9. You must wash yourself, swimsuit, wetsuit and any other kit worn thoroughly after exiting the water. There are showers on-site at the finish.
  10. You must observe good personal hygiene.
  11. Do not swim with cuts or abrasions unless these are suitably covered.

If any flu-like symptoms develop after the swim, please consult with your doctor and explain that you have recently been swimming in the river / open water.