Frequently Asked Questions

These will be added to, so keep an eye on this page

How do I enter the swim?

While entries are open, links to the EntryCentral website will be added to the homepage.

Why are tow floats mandatory?

This is because the swimmers won’t be the only river users.  Tow floats make swimmers much more visible to other river traffic.

Will the river be closed to other traffic?

No. The river will be open to other users. All boat hirers, sailing clubs etc will be notified of the event, plus signs will be up at various points on the river. All entrants will also receive instructions prior to and on the day of the event, essentially swimmers will need to keep close to the right hand side of the river bank and our on water safety team will help direct swimmers to stick to the right hand side.

Will feed stops be provided?

Yes! There are 2 on-water feed stops at the same location of the relay changeovers

Where are the relay changeovers / feed stops?

The first stop is the 24 hour Broads Authority mooring at North Cove. The second will be at a private mooring at Aldeby Hall.

Will individual swimmers be required to exit at the changeovers?

No. The plan is to have on water feed stops so there’ll be no need for individual entries to exit the water unless you want to.

The North Cove mooring and finish at Beccles Quay are on the left hand side of the river. As swimmers will be on the right hand side, what safety provisions are being made to cross the river considering it is open to other users?

On water safety craft like kayaks will be at both places to escort you safely across the river. It is essential that all swimmers follow their instructions which may include stopping for boats etc. This is especially important at the end of the swim at Beccles Quay where it is expected to be the busiest.

Are the relay changeovers accessible to spectators?

Yes, however, we ask that for the North Cove mooring (and the Worlingham mooring if you’re wanting to view swimmers from there) are not accessed by car. The road isn’t wide nor paved and doesn’t have any parking facilities. It can also get quite boggy if it’s been raining. Aldeby Hall does have parking however it is limited.

Where can spectators view swimmers?

There is a lovely public pathway right next to the river called Angles Way. This can be accessed from the Beccles Quay and friends and family are encouraged to use this path to view the swimming event. It is worth noting that the start and the second relay changeover at Aldeby Hall are on the other side of the river to the path and can’t be accessed from these points.

What transport is available on the day?

Individual swimmers will be transported by coach to the start and will then swim back to Beccles! Relay swimmers are advised to park one car at the swim start at the Waveney River Centre and one at Beccles Quay, parking is free at either end. Relay swimmers will be transported (likely by boat!) to their relevant changeover points, more information on this later.  There won’t be continuous road transport between the start and the finish.

Will there be coach tickets available to spectators this year?

Yes!  Tickets are available at sign-in on EntryCentral for any family members or friends to be transported to the start and ferried across to the other side of the river, if they would like to walk the course to the finish via Angles Way.  Tickets will be £5.  Priority will be given to swimmers on the coach.

Why are you limiting relay entries?

Simply because of the logistics of transporting swimmers between changeovers that are on opposite sides of the river. It’s also to keep it for relay teams to know where they are going and when.

Will you have safety crew?

Yes! There will be motorised support with paramedics on board, alongside kayakers to help guide swimmers in the tighter and less visible parts of the river. They will also help ensure that other river users are aware of swimmers in the water

When will I know which wave I’ll be in?

Once all entries have been received, communications will be sent out to all entrants with wave times and other information about the swim. Waves will start with the slower swimmers first and limited to a maximum of 50 swimmers per wave.

Can I enter as a non-wetsuit entry?

Yes! But you will need to provide details about your experience upon event entry. This will be reviewed by event organisers who will be in touch if any further information is required to qualify your entry.

Can teams be a mix of wetsuit and non-wetsuit swimmers?

Yes! But as per above, non-wetsuit team members will need to provide their experience